Buying Themeforest or CodeCanyon License

If you are in need of products/services on Themeforest or Codecanyon and are having difficulty with the payment process (you can’t buy it yourself because you don’t have a visa/master card or you feel the price on it too expensive), That’s why UIMAX’s Theme or Plugin purchase service on Themeforest or Codecanyon was born with the criteria to meet your needs and purposes, helping you buy products at Themeforest or Codecanyon much cheaper compared to the original price.

  • Buy products at super cheap prices from only 50-55% of original price
  • We will provide a Regular License package, including a License Key, which can only be used for a single domain.
  • Customers will receive the download link within 24 hours after payment
  • Provide direct download link via Google Drive
  • Provide payment snapshot from Themeforest or CodeCanyon
  • Provide full file Themeforest, CodeCanyon, license, pdf payment…
  • You can see more Themes or Plugins have License Key HERE

Steps to Buy Theme or Plugin License

Step 1: Fill in the item information to buy

    Step 2: Proceed to pay for the item

    You make payment via PayPal or Credit Card. We will process your order immediately upon confirmation of the transfer from PayPal or Credit Card.


    • ITEM_PRICE <= $100: PAYMENT = ITEM_PRICE x 55%
    • ITEM_PRICE > $100: PAYMENT = ITEM_PRICE x 50%

    Example: PAYMENT = AVADA_THEME ($60) x 55% = $33


    Full name:Tran Le Anh Duc

    Payment via Paypal or Credit Card

    Khay đánh dấu chấp nhận PayPal | Lớn

    Payment via


    Step 3: Send the link to download the item via Google Drive

    After confirming payment, we will proceed to purchase the product from Themeforest or CodeCanyon. Then we will upload it to Google Drive and share this Google Drive link with you

    Download link includes:

    • file (or the file)
    • File license.pdf
    • File license.txt
    • Payment Screenshot

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      • uimax_support says:

        The price to pay is $59 x 55% = $32.45
        You can fill out the form above. After receiving your payment, we will proceed to purchase this theme and send it to you.

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