1. General Questions

Why choose UIMAX?

We believe that WordPress should be FREE for everyone. But for premium wordpress themes or plugins, users will have to pay a high price for unnecessary services such as advertising costs, technical support costs, operating costs of those companies. So we provide another way by sharing that product at a very affordable price.

Why do we offer at such CHEAP price?

All products such as plugins or themes are purchased directly by UIMAX at the supplier’s website with the highest product package or GPL copyright. That means when we buy those products, we can share that software however we want.

Will the product I purchase be up to date?

YES. With your purchase at UIMAX, you will receive 1 year of completely free updates. After 1 year, if you need to update, please purchase again.

If not updated, your product can still be used completely normally without any problems. However, we always encourage you to keep updating to receive new features and enhance the security of your website.

The product you need is not available on UIMAX

If you can’t find the product through the website’s search engine. Please don’t leave, that doesn’t mean we don’t have one. Currently there are many products in stock that we cannot upload, so please contact us for the best help.

What if I find an error on the website?

If you find any errors on the website, please let us know via email or live chat with support. We really appreciate and appreciate this action of yours.

I couldn't find the answer after reading the FAQs

If you still have questions after reading our entire FAQ section, please chat directly with support on the website or through the Facebook fan page. We will do our best to satisfy you.

2. Payment and Download

How to download theme or plugin?

To download any product on the website, you need to have an account and log in on our system. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for a free account here.

After registering and logging into your account on the system, please follow the instructions here to download the product to your device. If you don’t see any products in your account, it means you haven’t purchased any products at UIMAX.

What payment methods does UIMAX accept?

We offer payment via PayPal or Credit Card. If you are unable to pay via the above methods, please chat directly with our support team.

What if after payment but still can't download the product?

This happens very rarely, in fact, no customer has had it yet. So if that unfortunate thing happens to you, please don’t worry, contact the support team immediately for the fastest resolution.

Does UIMAX offer any discount codes?

YES. We always encourage people to use CLEAN products, that’s why UIMAX always has extremely attractive promotions. So subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss such important moments.

Does the product have a download expiration date?

Product download and update deadlines are as follows:

  • Retail: 1 year
  • Basic Membership: 1 month
  • Pro Membership: 6 months
  • Ultra Membership: 1 year
Am I limited in the number of downloads?

We do not limit your downloads, in order to facilitate the best use and experience of our products.

Can I keep the plugin/theme after my account expires at UIMAX?

YES. You can keep your downloads for as long as you like, even after your account expires. But to update to the new version you need to renew it

3. Product Update

How often will the product be updated when a new version is available?

We are constantly testing our products and updating them as soon as possible. The average time will be about 2-4 days. We’re working to keep update times as low as possible. In case you see a product that hasn’t been updated for a long time, please let us know so we can fix it.

Where can I see an updated list?

The list of products that are newly added or updated is recorded by us here

If the product on the website is not the latest version?

If you can’t find the latest version on the website, you can send a request to us through the online chat system, email to uimax.net@gmail.com or leave a comment on the product and we will update you with the latest version as soon as possible.

Can I get the update for free?

YES. It’s one of our policies. It will not cost you anything extra to update your product to the latest version while there is still time to download.

Does the product update automatically?

NO. We do not provide external keys, so you cannot update automatically through the WordPress admin page. If you want to update the product, please download the latest version from the website and perform the update manually.

4. Install and use

Does the download include documentation, demo data, plugins or PSD?

We are constantly testing our products and updating them as soon as possible. The average time will be about 2-4 days. We’re working to keep update times as low as possible. In case you see a product that hasn’t been updated for a long time, please let us know so we can fix it.

When you install the theme an error occurs: Installation failed. The theme is missing style.css stylesheet

This means that the file you uploaded is NOT a WordPress installation file. The downloaded file may contain user documentation, plugins, demo data or PSD files. So, unzip the file you downloaded and find the correct theme installation file (.zip) to upload in the WordPress admin.

During use, the plugin/theme requires entering license. What should I do in this case?

We NO provide keys (except for some special products).

DON’T NEED IT. In this case, the license is only effective in requesting technical support from the manufacturer or automatically updating. Of course all products work properly without a license. We always encourage you to update your theme/plugin by downloading from UIMAX site and re-uploading it to your website.

Note: If the product cannot be fully functional. Please contact us so that we can best assist you.

Why do some plugins/themes ask for a key?

Ignore that. The product itself works well and is fully functional without the need for a key. The key is only to receive technical support and updates directly from the manufacturer. We recommend that users update the theme/plugin manually when a new version is available.

If there is any theme or plugin that cannot be used without the key, please contact us.

5. Security & warranty

Are all products on the website original?

YES. All products we offer are downloaded directly from the manufacturer and are completely original. We do NOT provide products of unknown origin to customers.

What does the NULLED file in the download product mean?

With some original products will not work without activation (no key). In order to make the product fully functional without the need for a key from the manufacturer, we have made small changes in the PHP/JS file to get through this step. And products like that, we call them NULLED.

We provide both original (unmodified) and edited versions to our customers. So in case you need to, you can compare and make sure that our change only passes the manufacturer’s activation check and does not contain any malicious code.

During use, the plugin/theme requires entering license. What should I do in this case?

All themes & The plugins we provide are all open source. Therefore, you can manually check that the downloaded files are completely CLEAN and do not contain any malicious code or advertising.

To check if the product is really safe, you can use some plugin Exploit, Scanner, Wordfence, Acunetix WP Security, Sucuri Security, Antivirus , or via the website VirusTotal

I found malicious code when scanning downloaded files on VirusTotal?

In the list of malware scanning applications, there are a few representatives from China (Jiangmin, Rising, Cyren) and Vietnam (Bkav). These software simply check for the presence of eval, base64_encode/decode… However, their presence in the code does not mean malicious code. A lot of developers use these features for their own purposes such as packaging, compression, custom fonts in CSS or other purposes.

For that reason, Chinese and Vietnamese applications always detect malicious code while other famous software does not. Usually when checking on VirusTotal, you will encounter 1-2 red flag providers out of a total of 55 providers. So in this case, you can ignore it and use it normally.

Does the downloaded product work as expected?

Please read the product description, features, and user manual carefully before ordering. We make no representations or warranties that the products you have purchased work the way you want them to. We do not change the features of the product, if you want details about the modification or compatibility with the system you have, please contact the manufacturer directly.

6. Account

How to login to my account

You can log in with your account by accessing the link: My Account

Where can I see my orders?

Orders and purchase history viewable in your account: Orders

How to change login email or password?

You can change your email and password in the account page: My Account

How to recover lost password?

In case you forget your login password, you can restore it in change password.

Where can I see a list of downloadable products?

The list of products that you have purchased will be listed in the DOWNLOAD page. Here you can find all products and links to download them. If you do not find any product here, it means that the product has expired to download and you will have to renew it to have the right to continue using it. To access the download page, click click here.

Can I share my account with others?

NO. It is our policy to only allow one person to use one account at UIMAX. You may not share your personal UIMAX account with friends or others. If we discover that your account has unusual access, we will temporarily lock your account for information security.

If this happens repeatedly, we will be forced to permanently lock the account and will not issue a refund in this case.

7. Support

Does UIMAX have technical support?

We provide free technical consulting service through email communication channels or online chat. For example, product installation support, WordPress basics.

We are not the developers of the product you are using, so our technical knowledge of the product is limited. We do not change product features and fix bugs caused by the product.

If you need assistance in installing or configuring the product according to your needs on your system, please contact us for more details.

How long do I have to wait to get support from UIMAX?

The maximum time you have to wait will be 1 day from the time you submit the support request. However, to ensure the best service, we always try to reply to you within 1-2 hours.

Do I get manufacturer support through UIMAX?

I’m sorry, that’s not possible. If you need direct support from the manufacturer, we encourage you to purchase the product directly on their website.

What if I need assistance with product installation and configuration?

If you need our assistance in installing and configuring the product according to your needs, please contact us for more details.

8. License to use & DCMA

Where can I find the product key?

We do not provide an activation key or account when you purchase any theme or plugin product. All products on the website work with full features without any need. enter key or activate.

How does the product work without the key?

All themes and plugins work normal without an active key or account. So you can rest assured about this. In the rare event that the product cannot work, we will exchange or refund your money.

Some themes will require a license to be able to import the demo. Please contact us to inquire carefully before purchasing.

Product shows activation message?

If the product you are installing requires activation before use, please contact us so our support team can help you through this step.

Is it legal to use a product without a key?

YES. Of course. All products we offer are released under the license GNU. Therefore, you can rest assured to use the product without worrying about legal issues.

How long can I use the product?

You can use any product you have purchased on the website for no time limit.

How many websites can I use the product for?

UNLIMITED. You can install the product on as many websites as you like.

How to hide the key input notification message?

Considering this, you can hide product key input notifications with the plugin “WP Hide Plugin Updates and Warnings“. This is a free plugin and very popular in the WordPress community.